Sustaining The Good Life

Lifestyle Philosophy For Financial Independence and Environmental Sustainability



About The Blog

Sustaining The Good Life is a blog about how we can live “The Good Life” in socially, environmentally, and financially responsible ways.  The ideas expressed here are inspired by the completely opposite influences that we’re barraged by every day courtesy of the advertising industry’s efforts to help corporations sell more McMansions, SUVs, luxury cars, glass phones, and a whole host of other “goods”that may actually be “bads.”

This blog is an expression of my belief that any significant change to the climate change problem, as well as problems of resource scarcity, can be resolved only through a wholesale change away from a consumer culture with an obsession for locomotion.  I think that too much of the current ideology around the climate and environmental problem is focused on using technology innovation to stop carbon emissions, all while an affluent minority continues heating, cooling, driving, and flying all of humanity into a calamity.

While this may all sound quite radical, I promise that I’m quite moderate, and that’s really the point of the blog – that living in an environmentally sustainable way and living a beautiful, meaningful life are not mutually exclusive.  In fact, living a fulfilling life and living sustainably are complimentary if we can slow down and appreciate the place and people we’re with in each moment.

About The Author

I’m just an ordinary guy who lives with his wonderful girlfriend in a major US city.  I’ve done a stint with an environmental non-profit, but I mostly spend a lot of time thinking about the ethical implications of lifestyle, and how I can minimize my own impact.