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BIFL Recommendations

The listing below is my running tally of BIFL (Buy It For Life) or at least BIFRLT (Buy It For A Really Long Time) product recommendations.

To read more about the BIFL product culture, check on my blog post here.


Men’s Khakis – Bill’s Khakis M3 Original Twill Pants

These are long-lasting khakis, which are great for office work.  With the right care, these can last for years.  Read the blog post discussing these pants here.


Casual Leather Shoes – Birkenstock London Oiled Leather Shoes

These are long-lasting leather birkenstock shoes, which I wear almost every day to the office for business casual dress.  With appropriate resoling, these should last quite some time.  Note: I would recommend getting them resoled with a vibram rubber sole, which I talk about in this blog post.